August 28, 2014

It’s Almost Race Time!

With just a couple of days away from The Magnificent Mile Half Marathon and 5K, it’s obvious things didn't go as planned when I had hoped to write weekly updates on my 5K training. With running almost every day and still trying to enjoy the summer, I haven’t had time to write any updates.

My training has been a love/hate adventure, but overall I’m really happy I committed to running this 5K. I know 5Ks can be no big deal to many people. I felt that way years ago when I was at the peak of my fitness game, but since I fell out of running it was hard to get back into the groove.  I can definitely see the difference in my endurance and stamina now than when I started training for this race six weeks ago.

My gym where I've been doing all my training!

Since I’m back to square one with running, I looked for a beginners training schedule and found a great guide Fitness magazine’s website. I have the C25K app, but their training schedule is for nine weeks out and I need a 6-week program. My wonderful coach, Terra Castro, tweaked what I found a little bit so I wasn't running too much too soon. Terra has been instrumental in my training and I’m so thankful for Team LUNA for pairing me with her. I've had weekly check-in phone calls with her, maintained a spreadsheet with my notes on each training session, and received meal advice, recovery advice, and motivational support from Terra. Without her, I probably would have given up weeks ago!

Another fabulous cheerleader has been my good friend and funny lady, Tahnee Lacey. After Tahnee's dad suddenly passed away last year, Tahnee saw how years of not taking care of his health added up and she didn't want to be next. I have watched her transform into a superhero athlete who loves her gym, is continuously challenging herself and is a huge inspiration to me and countless others. I’m so very lucky to have her as a friend and even luckier that she and her mom are also doing the race with me on Sunday!

This is Tahnee and all of her fitness adventures!

As the race weekend approaches, Fleet Feet Sports have put together the first ever Fitness Meets Fashion Market takes place at their South Loop location and includes several exciting events, sponsors, running celebrities and more!  You’ll get a sneak peek of fall apparel from popular brands like Oiselle, Lole and Saucony, plus enjoy live music, prizes and games from all of the Magnificent sponsors including LUNA protein bars!  The market is free to the public, so you don’t have to be registered for the race to check it out.

Some of the great free fitness events that are available will take place on Saturday including a Morning Shake-Out Run and Yoga for Runners class. Here are the details:

Saturday, August 30th

Official Magnificent Shakeout Run led by Professional Oiselle Runner Lauren Fleshman and Jenny Hadfield, featuring Fellow Flowers.
Fleet Feet Sports – South Loop
Register here!
LUNA bars for all athletes and Bridgeport Coffee will be providing complimentary coffee and breakfast post run!


Complimentary Yoga for Runners class presented by Yoga Six Studio.
Fleet Feet Sports – South Loop
LUNA bars will be provided for this event too!

The 5K is first thing Sunday morning and all kinds of excited, nervous, scared, and pumped for this race! I’ll fill you in on how it all went down as well as share some great fitness tips next week.

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!

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