August 21, 2014

I Did the #IceBucketChallenge to #StrikeOutALS

Whelp! I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge last night. I thought I would get away scot-free, but I'm pretty sure everyone and their brother will be nominated sooner or later. Either way, I didn't mind. I'm actually pretty jazzed that ALS is gaining attention and awareness.

Learning about ALS isn't anything new to me. For many years, I've been walking for life with the Les Turner ALS Foundation to raise money for researching a cure for ALS. This all started in 2006 when family friends learned their mother/grandmother/mother-in-law, Betty Ciurej, had the disease. This was such a heart-breaking time since Betty was so active, so talkative, and so involved in her family's lives.

Betty by Ciurej & Lochman

It was very difficult for everyone to watch her wither away into a shell of the vivacious person she once was. Since there is no cure for this disease and the average ALS patient's lifespan continues for only three to five years after diagnosis, her family and friends decided to get involved in the fundraising efforts for researching a cure. Betty was too sick to participate in the first walk we did in 2006 and sadly she was never able to cheer us on for the future walks since she passed away from this horrible disease in March 2007. We continue to walk to remember her and all of the others with a loved one battling ALS. 

We'll be doing it again this September and our team, Betty's Bunch, would love your support! Donate to our fundraising efforts at

Speaking of Ice Buckets...

I know there is a lot of controversy out there about wasting water. Also why can't we just donate and skip the whole bucket thing?  I can only imagine the bucket and bagged iced industries are also booming as well as the ALS charities.

The thing's working. Ice or not, donations are skyrocketing, which is amazing. ALS charities aren't the only ones benefiting. Many people are also donating to Charity:Water and other charitable organizations. 

How did this all start you ask? Friends and supporters of Pete Frates, a college baseball player who was diagnosed with ALS in his late 20s. Watch his story here:


Other Ice Bucket Challenge videos of note? 

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Have you done the Ice Bucket Challenge? 

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