February 13, 2014

How Betsy Got Her Groove Back (my favorite fitness apps)

In the quest to find my fitness groove again, I use a bunch of tools to help me out. Some of those greatest tools are apps I have downloaded to my phone. I'm able to track calories, steps, or exercise wherever and whenever. Here are two of my favorite fitness apps I can't live without right now.


MyFitnessPal has been essential to my success so far. If you looking to lose weight, the most helpful thing you can do is track or journal everything you eat. It's amazing how counting up the number of calories really puts things into perspective as to how much you are really eating.

This app/website sets up a personalized diet plan when you pop in some information about yourself and your fitness goals. After crunching the numbers based on the information you provided, you're given the number of calories to eat daily to reach your goals. From there, you add your foods and exercise in your daily diary and it tallies up everything for you. Out of all the fitness sites I've used in the past, I find their food database to be the most extensive, including lots of gluten free foods. There is also a scanning option, where all you need to do is scan the bar code of the food you are eating instead of searching in the database. It couldn't get any easier.

Added benefits are that you can add your friends to cheer you on, join communities to find users with the same fitness goals as you, and write blog entries.

Jawbone UP

Wearable tracking devices are all the rage right now, with Fitbit bracelets, Nike Fuel bands, and the Jawbone UP wristband. The Jawbone UP was my tracker of choice and I love it. It's slim and comfortable to wear and tracks my steps, activity, and sleep. I just open the app on my phone and plug the bracelet into the headphone jack to sync up the activity the wristband tracked.

With the Jawbone UP, I can set step and sleep goals. From there, UP will track your steps and sleep and let me know how well I did at achieving my daily goal. One of my favorite things about the UP wristband is that I can set alarms. I have it wake me up in the morning as well as letting me know if I've been sitting for too long. It will vibrate when the alarm goes off (it's completely noiseless). I can even set it to take a little power nap.

The Jawbone UP syncs with other apps, inputting activity to other trackers. I have it synced to MyFitnessPal and I never need to enter exercise on that app or site because UP will automatically do it for me.

Some of my steps, sleep and activity

Do you use fitness apps to track your diet or exercise? Which ones are your favorite?

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