February 6, 2014

How Betsy Got Her Groove Back (aka finding my fitness groove)

I'm putting it all out there with this post, but I'm sure a lot of you can relate to my story. Especially when we indulge in a few too many gluten free cookies!

Before I began this blog, I rarely ate gluten free "goodies", mainly because they weren't readily accessible. This was the pre-Udi's days, people. I stuck to my diet of meats, fresh produce, and lots of corn shelled quesadillas. My big treat was an Enjoy Life soft baked cookie.  I was never a thin person, but was always trying to be one.

I discover gluten free pretzels.
I would work out sporadically with friends over the years and at one point I joined Weight Watchers with my mom (twice). I really got serious about getting fit the Monday after Thanksgiving in 2007. Coming back from stuffing ourselves silly over the Thanksgiving weekend, my co-worker and I looked up the nearest Weight Watchers and joined that day. It was a slow start, but it got the ball rolling.  It wasn't until a couple months later when I joined Jazzercise with my bestie (and then eventually with my GFF) that fell in love with exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

This is what six weeks of Jazzercise will do.
The weight finally started to come off. I began running and things were good. Someone even convinced me to run a half marathon with them. I was thrilled with the idea and started training. When I got to my final long distance run (10 miles), I fractured my foot. The urgent care doctor wrapped it up and told me no running for 12 weeks. Annnnnd that's where my fitness adventures ended.

I ran a couple 5Ks in 2008 also
Twelve weeks "on the bench" and a woe is me attitude led me give up on exercising all together only to pack on the pounds again. Over the course of a few years I managed to put on a ridiculous amount of weight. This sucked (and continues to suck) on so many levels, but mainly, I feel like crap. I don't have a lot of energy, my joints hurt, I get out of breath walking up stairs, etc. You get the idea.

April & October of 2013.
I knew I needed a change, but after seeing one of my favorite bloggers, Gluten Hates Me's Transformation Tuesday photo on instagram, I became totally inspired. I decided that my new year's resolution would be to "take more gym selfies". It was pretty much a joke, since I don't take selfies, let alone a gym one, but it would force me to start working out again.

For the entire month of January, I mainly did workouts from my exercise DVD collection and posted my gym selfies on instagram with the #HowBetsyGotHerGrooveBack. I've since stopped taking pictures and will only post workout photos here and there. I don't post that many pictures on instagram as it is and I don't need my account to be all me looking gross after workouts. However, I'm still hanging in there and going strong!

One month in...forever to go.
To see more of my workouts, check out my instagram.
I'm hoping to share more healthy recipes, workout playlists, my favorite fitness apps and my progress as I get my fitness groove back.

Have you struggled with your weight? What are your favorite workouts and healthy meals? Inspire me!

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