February 18, 2014

Artizone Delivers the Gluten Free...Literally.

This winter I've been so tempted to use a grocery delivery service, but could never pull the trigger. Last week when I saw that Kiki's Gluten Free was having a sale on their Cherry π pocket, I was sold.

Kiki's Gluten Free uses Artizone to deliver their gluten free baked goods across Chicago. I'd never heard of the service before, but am glad I finally did. They are an online farmer's market offering produce, baked goods, dairy, meats, wine, and delicious things like chocolate and marshmallows from local artisans. They also have a great little gluten free section that features Kiki's and Sweet Ali's Bakery.

I found a deal on Amazon Local for a discount to Artizone which I immediately snatched up and went to town shopping for the gluten free goods. I filled up my cart with Kiki's Greek Spinach Feta pockets, Cherry Pockets, and Happy Apple Pockets. I still had money left over, so I picked up some cinnamon rolls, all purpose flour, and pizza crust mix from Sweet Ali's. I placed my order and it was delivered the next night at 8:15pm, which was perfect. The whole process couldn't have been any easier.

How were my goods?

Not bad. The crust on the Greek Spinach Feta pockets was just as buttery and delicious as I remembered. I don't know how she gets it that flaky. The inside spinach/feta mixture was good, but not as flavorful as I remembered when I first tried them at the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo last year. The cherry pie, however; really delivered. The best mini-pie I've had in a long time!

As far as my Sweet Ali's purchases...I wasn't that impressed. I've had their cupcakes and baked goods in the past which have been delicious, but this time around I felt that the cinnamon rolls were too yeasty tasting. They were warm and gooey and the cinnamon and icing were the right amount of sweetness, but the dough just wasn't workin' for me.

I made heart shaped pizzas with the pizza crust mix which turned out horrible. I ended up throwing them out; a bummer since it wasn't cheap. The directions called for a stand mixer, which I don't have, so I improvised. The mix also called for 2 packets of yeast, which I added, but was a little weary since the rolls were so yeasty tasting. I followed the directions when they said to shape the dough and then add toppings and cook. I should have pre-cooked the crusts, because by the time the cheese was golden brown the crusts were only slightly golden brown. Once cooled, they had a doughy/chewy consistency. Major fail there. Here's hoping the All Purpose flour will work out.

My Valentines and our pizzas. At least they looked good!

Would I order again?

Yes! But I think next time I will fill my cart with produce...and maybe some of those salted caramel marshmallows.

Have you used a grocery delivery service? What are your favorite gluten free products to buy online?

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