March 29, 2013

#FollowFriday - Udi's Gluten Free Tortillas

This week's #FollowFriday is an old favorite, Udi's Gluten Free

Udi's has come a long way since they first introduced gluten free bread to their product offerings in 2008.  The little line of gluten free granola and breads soon expanded to cinnamon rolls, muffins, hamburger and hot dog buns, pizza crusts, bagels, muffin tops, ancient grain breads, cookies, brownies, baguettes, dinner rolls, frozen pizza, and granola bars. Phew...not bad for just a few years. They've grown 1500% and are one of the leading manufacturers in gluten free foods on the market.

One of their newest products is a tortilla shell. It comes in two sizes, small and large, and is a great alternative for flour tortillas used for wraps and Mexican dishes. I'm all about delicious Mexican food and haven't had a burrito in years, so I tried my hand at rolling one up.

The verdict, a bit crumbly. Granted, I microwaved the shell and then added my fillings. Perhaps if I toasted the shell in a skillet it would not have crumbled. 

My next tortilla attempt was my all time favorite go-to dish, quesadillas. I make these all the time with corn tortillas, but when given the chance to use a giant shell, why not make a crazy-big pocket of cheese and veggies? 

Turns out they make great quesadillas. Heating them in a skillet is the way to go. A crisp, toasty shell is the result. Everything held together nicely. My only helpful hint is to add about a teaspoon of oil to the pan before heating. I never use oil when making corn quesadillas, but since Udi's tortillas are more like a thin flatbread, I would suggest lightly greasing the pan. As you can see mine turned out darkened.

The taste? Pretty good. They are a thicker than other gluten free tortillas on the market. They reminded me more of a flatbread consistency than a tortilla. They are "bready" so if you miss that in a tortilla, you will enjoy these.

You can find Udi's Gluten Free tortillas in stores and soon they will be available to purchase online

Udi's Gluten Free is all over the internet! Find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. You can also join their community forum and sign up for their newsletter.

*Disclosure: Udi's Gluten Free  provided me with samples of their product to review for my site. All opinions are entirely my own.

March 27, 2013

2013 Gluten Free Easter Candy List

With Easter Sunday just a few days away, it's always best to double check those ingredient lists for hidden gluten. The good guys over at MyGlutenFacts have once again done the hardcore research to find out what's safe and how the candy is manufactured (on a dedicated gluten free line, a cleaned line, etc.).

Check out the list here (or click on the photo below) and have a wonderful and safe Easter!

March 20, 2013

It's Almost Time for the Chicago Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo

While the temperature is anything but spring-like in Chicago this week, today is the first day of spring and the beginning of some great gluten free events in Chicago. The big University of Chicago Celiac Center Spring Flours event is right around the corner, as is the ever popular Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo.

If you've been a long time reader of my blog, you've heard about the GFAF Expo for the past four years. (whoa...have I seriously been blogging that long?!)  When I first went in 2009, it was in its second year and mainly focused on cooking classes.  I attended the vendor fair portion in a conference room of the hotel with about twenty vendors. I was still thrilled about finding a few new products, meeting Bruce Zarlengo from Dining Out Gluten Free With Bruce, and of course seeing the infamous Marion from Pamela's Products.

Each year the GFAF Expo got bigger and better. It's since moved up from a conference room to a ballroom to two ballrooms. In 2011, I got to take in the expo from a different perspective as an assistant at the Udi's Gluten Free table. Last year's expo kicked off with Nourished, A Food Blogger's Conference, which was so much fun and a great way to start the weekend.

This year I'm an official blogger for the Chicago Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo, and I can't wait to bring you the scoop on what's happening. For starters, the expo no longer has the prepaid cooking classes in the expo. Instead there will be more demonstrations and speakers included in the admission price and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Classes are also scheduled throughout the day in rooms off of the vendor fair hall. Again seating is first-come, first-serve.

Representatives from your favorite gluten free products will be there. You'll leave with a bag of goodies, coupons, and a smile on your face. Here's all the info you need to know:

The 2013 Chicago Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo

Saturday and Sunday
April 20 - 21, 2013

9am Early Bird Admission ($35 per adult, $10 per child ages 3-12)
10am-4pm Open to the Public ($20 per adult, $5 per child ages 3-12)

The Schaumburg Renaissance Convention Center
1551 Thoreau Drive North
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Avoid lines and purchase tickets online.

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