August 22, 2013

Good Times With a Side of Gluten Free

Living in Chicago has its pluses and minuses, but summer in the city is definitely a plus. The weather is nice and there is something to do every single weekend. Being gluten free in Chicago is equally awesome since there are so many places to enjoy great food. This past weekend, a couple of friends and I decided to go out  and have a little bit of fun. Nothing crazy, just visiting a couple of Chicago's finest businesses.

Alissa (of Breaking Up With Captain Crunch fame) decided it was high time she check out Cassava, so I was more than happy to join her.  The only word to describe Cassava is "phenomenal". Everything is gluten free and who doesn't love a cheesy bread? Once Alexandra got wind of a Cassava lunch, she headed up there as well.

I opted for a Sun-dried Tomato & Basil cassava roll and a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Empanada. One of the best meals ever.  Both Alissa and I wish we could get empanadas everywhere. Everyone would love them. Just swap out those regular ol' gluten filled bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for these bad boys and the world would be a very happy place.

After our nice long lunch catching up with each other, we headed over to the west loop where the Threadless T-shirt Company headquarters is located to see what was going on at their Annual Threadless Family Reunion. We were able to get shirts silk screened and hear from the artist Jeremyville.

We were a little bummed we missed the games and prizes, but we still had a good time. Threadless is an awesome company and it is pretty neat that they open their doors to the public once a year to party with them. Go buy their shirts and artwork! I have a couple prints hanging in my living room that I just love and can't wait to get more.

My weekend wouldn't be complete without seeing my family. Every Sunday I head "back home" to visit with everyone, do laundry, have dinner, and of course, watch Breaking Bad with them. I have my packages sent there too since my apartment has little tiny mailboxes along the sidewalk fence and I don't trust FedEx or UPS shipments to be left outside the front door of my building. I was beyond thrilled to see my recent Red Apple Lipstick order had arrived and my niece and I decided to have a little makeup party in the living room.

Little miss thang did all of our makeup and we looked beautiful. I hadn't shared my Red Apple goodies with my family before and my mom was really impressed with the quality. She was rockin' the Firestorm lipgloss, and said something along the lines of, "Wow! This stuff is really on!" One swipe of the rich color and you're good to go. The firestorm gloss has that bronzey undertone shine that makes your lips gleam. I've been wearing the color all week and have gotten compliments saying my makeup looks really pretty.

My week has continued to be busy filled with good times with a side of gluten free. I saw a preview for Austenland and got a gluten free sandwich at Hannah's Bretzel for dinner. (a silly, but cute movie!) I had lunch with my parents and then hit up the Chicago History Museum. I had some sushi and cocktails at Hot Woks Cool Sushi (they have wheat-free tamari sauce, yo!) with my bestie before we went shopping on State Street (that great street) where we ROCKED it, both getting dresses and shoes for a wedding all on the first go.

What have your good times with a side of gluten free been lately?


Alissa said...

I'm so glad we got to hang out this weekend! Eating delicious empanadas was simply a bonus:)

Betsy Thompson said...

For sure! We need to do that more often.