August 23, 2013

FollowFriday - Honest Tea

This #FollowFriday share is long overdue. I was given the opportunity to sample a variety of Honest Tea beverages back in the spring, but somehow I failed to follow through with my review. To be "honest" (get it?) I usually drink water most the time. I kept forgetting to grab a bottle of tea instead, but I'm glad I finally did, because there were a lot of flavors of Honest Tea that I really enjoyed!

I sampled the following teas and ades:

The teas were great, but I think it was the ades that won me over. I do like to have a tall glass of ice cold lemonade in the summer and I found the Honest Tea ades to be refreshing and not at all sugary or sweet like some lemonades can be. The flavor combinations of pomegranate, blueberries, and grapes as well as orange and mango worked well together. I'm going to have to go out and try the other ade flavors, they look mighty tasty!

The Pomegranate Blue Honest Ade might have been my favorite!

The best part of Honest Tea products is they way they are made. They use real, unaltered ingredients and safe, honest practices to produce their drinks. Here's the good stuff:

I appreciate Honest Tea company's mission to provide healthy and organic beverages to the world. Too many drinks on the market today are filled with chemicals and added sugar. Having this healthy alternative is a great choice for tea, juice, and soda lovers. Cheers!

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