April 2, 2013

Mama Said, "Eat All Your Vegetables!"


I'm super excited to announce I've partnered up with two incredible bloggers, Deanna Verbouwens from The Unnatural Mother and Theresa Romano-Ross, RD from Next Level Nutritionist, to host a series of weekly veggie challenges on Facebook. We can be found at Mama said, "Eat All Your Vegetables!" Join us!

The idea started about four years ago when Deanna and I were having trouble eating all our veggies. Basically we were getting bored with eating the same thing over and over. Seriously, how many baby carrots and steamed broccoli can one eat?  We decided to challenge each other to eating new and exciting (!) fruits and vegetables. She would give me a list of 5-6 fruits and veggies to eat for the week and I would do the same for her. We would then report back to each other with our experience throughout the week. I tried a bunch of new-to-me fruits and veggies in that time and she did the same. I discovered that I love Brussels sprouts and she was introduced to the magnificent glory of the spaghetti squash.

Lately we found ourselves back in that same rut we were in years ago with not enough vegetables in our diets. We decided to launch the veggie challenge again, but this time get everyone else to eat healthy with us. We inspire each other tons, but we also love hearing from our blog readers and wanted to invite them to join us. Not only that, we have Theresa on board with her extensive knowledge of nutrition. One day into the challenge and I've already learned so much from her! This challenge is already shaping up nicely.

The rules are simple. Dee, Theresa, and myself alternate hosting the challenge for the week. We assign a list of vegetables to eat for that week. You can eat other fruits and vegetables too, but we are giving you a starting off point. This will allow you to try new vegetables if you've never had them before and also share your tips and recipes with the others who will also be eating the assigned vegetables for the week. Artichoke graced the list this week and I found myself searching YouTube for how to prepare and eat it. I was relieved to see that someone else was in the same boat looking for help with that one. I was equally relieved that those familiar with cooking artichoke shared their favorite ways to prepare it. See, win-win all around!

We're on Day 2 of the first week and everyone is invited to join in at anytime. Who knew eating vegetables could be this exciting?  Another plus to this challenge is that it's gotten me cooking again. If you haven't noticed, the lack of recipes on my blog has dwindled as of late. I haven't been making anything share-worthy lately, so recipes haven't been featured; BUT! Last night I marched myself right into Pete's Fresh Market with my shopping list in hand and stocked up. I purchased the required eating, but also picked up some other vegetables and whipped up a batch of these Feta and Vegetable Frittata cups for quick breakfasts.

Bagged and ready to go! Get the recipe here!

I also prepped a ginormous salad for the next day's lunch.

Salad with sweet potato topped with Earth Balance buttery spread, cinnamon and walnuts.

I have to say, it felt great to be chopping and whisking and trying my hand at something new. Not to mention that everything was delicious. I also enjoyed a nice, relaxing morning with a cup of coffee at home rather than my first cup at my desk in the office. Not running around in the morning is nice. Caffeine at 7:30am is even nicer.  I like this challenge.


Miachel @ Spiced Curiosity said...

This looks AMAZING! :) I've been craving sweet potatoes lately, and the one in your picture looks jaw-dropping.

I'd love to do the veggie challenge too!

celiacinthecity said...

Great idea -- always up for some inspiration, will be following along!

spruestory.com said...

Really nice idea! Those frittata cups are cute. :)

Kelly @ Kelly the Culinarian said...

It was great meeting you last weekend!