October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat! 2012 Gluten Free Candy List

Happy Halloween!  

Before you dig into those bags of candy, don't forget to make sure you are eating gluten free treats. Being glutened is not a fun trick!

Here is a very comprehensive list of candy from The National Foundation of Celiac Awareness and MyGlutenFacts.com. The NFCA also has some tips to help you embrace a gluten free Halloween. (It's totally not hard at all!)

For more Halloween fun, why not make a delicious Ghosts in the Graveyard dessert?

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celiacinthecity said...

Hope you had a very happy Halloween, Glinda! ;) Are you kidding me with that costume? So freakin' cute! And too funny because my sister-in-law made a very similar dessert for our family party and it was delish!