February 1, 2012

Eat. Drink. Correct People.

Here's what has been happening in my world the past couple of weeks:

I finally got to eat from Protein Bar last week.  For the past few years I walked by their location across from the Sears Tower (I refuse to call it by its "new" name) twice a day.  It was still a bit far from my office to grab lunch so I put it out of my mind. Luckily for me, they recently opened a few more locations with one of those only a couple of blocks from my office. Naturally I ordered a Quinoa Bowl and when I noticed the soup of the day was gluten free lentil, I had to add that on as well.

The Spinach & Pesto Bowl was decent.  The quinoa was a little bit dry for my liking, but the soup was out of this world.  It wasn't just any old lentil soup, it was filled with lentils, apples, onions, and slivered almonds.  I practically inhaled it.  I actually went back there yesterday and just ordered a giant lentil soup.  I have a feeling I could quite possibly eat that every day.

Ever since I started the Detox Diet in the beginning of the year, I eliminated coffee from my diet.  I replaced my morning cup of coffee with peppermint tea or water.  Lately I busted out some of the tea I bought over the holidays, Bigelow's Eggnoggin'n and Apple Cider.

I know eggnog tea sounds absolutely disgusting, but I'm a total eggnog lover, so I'll try anything with "eggnog" in the title.  Turns out, it's delicious! It's got a little zip to it that faintly reminds me of the calorie laden eggnog, but without all of the heaviness.  I love the Apple Cider flavor because it has all of the wonder flavor of apple cider, but without all of the sugar.  The perfect alternative! And oh look, it's gluten free!

Correct People.
It drives me bananas when I am shopping at a chain grocery store and will be in the gluten free section (usually the teeny-tiniest shelf space) and there will be gluten filled items.  Clearly it's tricky to distinguish between "organic", "natural", or "healthy" with gluten free.

Sometimes it's little mix-ups like a tag that says "This item is gluten free!" under the Van's Organic Waffles.  Sure, Van's makes gluten free AND organic waffles, but for newbies to the gluten free diet that don't know that or those who will take the stock boy's sticker for granted without reading the ingredients label, that's huge.  When I see that, I rip off those tags from the shelf.  (You're welcome, Dominick's!)

In incidences when a Cherrybrook Kitchen's peanut free cake mix is in the gluten free section, I kindly fill out the survey on my receipt and tell them of their mistake and the dangers of the mix-up. (Amazingly, I heard back from the store manager asking which product was mistakenly shelved so they could remove it right away! Way to go, Jewel-Osco!)

What really blew me away when I was shopping over the weekend was a case of Bob's Red Mill Vital Wheat GLUTEN on the shelf in the gluten free display at Dominick's. (If you couldn't tell, my Dominick's store is notorious for just throwing whatever looks like hippie food on the gluten free table.)  To that, I could only respond with this:


Diamond said...

I can only say WOW. I appreciate that you take the time to make more than a mental note of these incidences, even though I am nowhere near you.

maryfran said...

I walk by protein bar every morning (that same one - until they closed Adams). I was wondering if there was anything I could grab there when I forget my lunch (it happens all too often). Glad to know I can!

And, to get Dominicks to listen, complain online - my sister got $25 gift card when she complained about something being mislabeled.

Betsy Thompson said...

Thanks MaryFran, I just might have to complain online as well. Maybe then they'll get it. :)

P.S. Yes! Get Protein Bar...yum!