January 30, 2012

Pizza, Pancakes, and (cake) Pops

Usually my weekends are pretty ordinary. Fun, but not many new gluten free discoveries worth sharing. That is until this weekend.

Friday night I met up with my bestie to watch the Lifetime made-for-tv movie, Drew Peterson: Untouchable.  We kind of have an obsession for the Lifetime Movie Network and the big time scandalous stories, as sad as that sounds. Between Rob Lowe's bleached hair and fat suit, we decided we needed pizza and some wine.  One quick phone call to Leona's and a delicious gluten free pizza was on its way to me. I heard that they started to carry gluten free pizza crust, but had yet to try it.  I was a little weary of the rice flour crust, but it actually held together very well and tasted phenomenal! I highly recommend giving it a shot if they have a location near you.

As if I wasn't spoiled enough with "new" gluten free finds Friday night, I met up Sunday morning for brunch with Andrea from Rockin' Gluten Free.  Ever since I discovered Prasino last fall, I've been dying to try their breakfast menu - hello, gluten free pancakes! I had my eye on those Carrot Cake Pancakes for quite some time, but when I looked at the menu further and saw they had crepes, I couldn't make up my mind.  Unfortunately, our server made it quite easy for me when he informed me that they didn't make the crepes gluten free. Pancakes it was.  And excellent choice, I might add.

Fluffy pancakes filled with shredded carrots, golden raisins, cinnamon, and nutmeg and then topped with pecans and a dash of powdered sugar.  The side of sweat cream (think cream cheese frosting as a thin glaze) just put this dish over the top.  Incredible!

Back in September, my friends took me out to dinner at the Wicker Park location and towards the end of the night, T. and I were ordering a lovely juice drink called Honeymoon.  We were both head over heels in love with this magical concoction and probably drank three or four glasses each.  It could have been the honey, or the fresh apple slices, but either way, we couldn't get enough of them.  Naturally I had to order myself one to go along with my pancakes. How cute is that apple star garnish?

My weekend wouldn't be complete without seeing my niece and nephew, so needless to say I was thrilled when I came home and saw they were already there waiting for me.  After an afternoon reading the Jingle books, painting our nails, and making Valentine's Day crafts, we decided to put my Cake Pop Maker to good use. We each strapped on an apron and got to work making the batter.  Using the Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devil's Food Cake mix, we ended up with a katrillion little cake balls.  We ate some while they were still plain and warm, but glazed the rest and rolled them in some Glutino Chocolate Sandwich Cookie crumbles I had leftover from making the Christmas bark. Instant "Oreo" balls!

Nom nom nom!
The night ended with Downton Abbey.  Oh, how I love this miniseries! If I had a nickel for every time I gasped or "oooh'ed" I'd probably have a dollar. SO GOOD!!!  Who else is watching? How do you like this season so far?  I actually just read today that Shirley MacLaine is going to be in the next season as Lady Grantham's mother. I can only imagine how she and Maggie Smith's character, Violet, will get along! Oohh!

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Sarah @ Celiac in the City said...

Oh yum! To all of it. Those pancakes are making my mouth water, and I've been wanting to try out cake pops, they look so fun!

Betsy Thompson said...

Cake pops are definitely fun to make, especially when you have a nifty little cake pop maker!

Anonymous said...

I went to Prasino today and ordered the carrot cake pancakes, but they let me know that the sweet cream (that comes on the side) is NOT gluten free!

Betsy Thompson said...

You're kidding!? They made no mention of that to me. I wonder where the gluten comes in, I can see dairy.

Bummer, well thankfully I didn't get sick, but I'm sure it did damage that I couldn't feel. :(