May 19, 2011

Take the Go Gluten Free Challenge!

In the mist of Celiac Awareness month, there’s not a better time to take the Go Gluten Free Challenge this weekend, May 21 & 22nd. The challenge was created by the Gluten Intolerance Group, Pamela’s Products, Living Without Magazine, and Edward and Sons to encourage friends and family of gluten free dieters to go gluten free for one weekend. They're not trying to convert anyone, they just want to show that being gluten free isn’t so bad at all!

How many times have you had a family dinner and had to prepare two separate meals? How about going out with friends and having a hard time finding something on the menu you could eat? Or my favorite, you experiment with a gluten free dish and no one wants to try it except for you. With this challenge, your gluten eating pals can learn that they will be just as satisfied with a gluten free meal as they would be with a gluten meal. You can all go out and have (gluten free) pizza together again!

Come on, do it! Walk in our gluten free shoes for a weekend! By signing up for the program, you will get email updates with recipes and tips of the day, access to gluten free information, and get support from the “How’s it Going” blog. Sign up today to be able to get in on the free product giveaways and follow them on Facebook.

I have to admit, most of my friends and family where incredibly supportive of my gluten free needs. In addition to separate meals, they’ve even went the gluten free route at restaurants. When most college kids ordered pizza to their dorms, my best friend and I would drive 15 miles to go get a gluten free pizza from Guardis Pizza and come home and eat it. Talk about a challenge! Just getting there and back was half the battle! That was ten years ago and now we can get gluten free pizza at a restaurant less than a mile away.  See how easy this challenge can be?

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