May 29, 2011

Gluten Free Obsessions

Have you ever gone through a food phase where you just want to eat the same thing over and over?  I've been obsessed with a few food items lately that I have literally been eating them every day.  They are just sooooo good!  Here are some of my favorite gluten free finds that deserve warning labels due to their highly addictive taste.

Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Crunch Granola
At the VIP tour and the University of Chicago Celiac Center's Spring Flours event, I received some complementary bags of Enjoy Life's new Double Chocolate Granola and have been hooked ever since. I have a bag at work and a bag at home and find myself grabbing handfuls several times a day.  As the name says it's crunchy and chocolaty, and I find it perfect to satisfy my sweet tooth.  It's also amazing sprinkled over yogurt, which brings me to my next obsession...


Chobani Yogurt
I was introduced to Chobani Greek Yogurt by a coworker when we were grabbing lunch one day.  She was in love with this yogurt and wanted to get one for lunch.  I didn't know what I had a taste for, so I decided to give them a whirl.  It was love at first bite.  I had the black cherry yogurt for lunch that day, and then that night I went to the grocery store and bought every flavor.  It's been my go-to snack every morning since.  Chobani Yogurt is naturally gluten free and certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization.  May I suggest the black cherry, blueberry, and lemon flavors?

Wholly Guacamole
I'm not sure how it happened, but stumbled upon Wholly Guacamole 100 Calorie packs at Target a couple weeks ago and found myself tossing them in the cart.  Lately, I've been packing my lunch with a bag of baby carrots and a pack of guacamole. I absolutely adore this guac!  I never understood guacamole that was made with sour cream.  We always just mashed up an avocado, chopped up tomatoes and onion, threw some cilantro and a squirt of lime in there and bam...guacamole.  This is just like that minus the prep work, smooth, creamy and busting with all of those authentic flavors. The ingredient list has just five ingredients, all gluten free!

Sensible Portions Veggie Straws
A gluten free co-worker of Babs was telling her about Sensible Portions Veggie Straws one day.  She raved about these snacks that she found at Costco and sent my dear mother home with a ziploc bag filled with the straws and a hand-written nutrition label and ingredient list.  Needless to say, we gobbled them up in no time.  Next thing I know, the rockstar co-worker gave us a GIANT bag of the veggie straws. If you are a fan of veggie chips, you will absolutely love these!  The best part is a serving size is 38 straws!  I counted them out one day and it was huge!  No more 9 to 11 chips for 130-140 calories.  These straws are the perfect salty snacks in just the right portion size.

**Update 2/28/2012**
I get many questions and concerns about Sensible Portions Veggie Straws containing gluten. In a conversation on my Facebook Page, I posted the ingredient list and the information I received when I called the company, which was this:

OK, just got off the phone with Pam at customer relations and here's the deal: 

The veggie straws are made with non-gluten containing ingredients. Those ingredients are kept away from the other major allergens (they are not even on the same floor as wheat/gluten products). 

The machines are cleaned thoroughly after runs of wheat containing products, and the first batch they run of veggie straws is a half batch, which is tossed. (I guess if trace amounts of gluten were still in the machine, they'd stick to the 1/2 batch that gets tossed?)

The large giant bag that you see labeled gluten free at Costco or wherever IS tested for gluten. The smaller bags are not tested, therefore are not labeled gluten free. Everything is made in the same facility, so I'm not sure why they don't test the small bags too. Hopefully one day soon they will

Photo credit: Peter Ardito
Raspberry Parfait
This is actually a recipe called "Lemon Raspberry Fruit Salad", but I prefer to call it a raspberry parfait since it contains ricotta cheese, which is then topped with raspberries.  While flipping through the May 2011 (or was it June?) issue of Fitness Magazine, they had an article for a beach body boot camp program complete with a diet plan.  This lemon raspberry treat was a breakfast recipe under 300 calories which looked too good not to try.  It was simple to prepare, contained all gluten free items, and looked like it'd be a refreshing breakfast on a hot summer morning.  I use Polaner Seedless Raspberry Jam with Fiber to mix with the ricotta cheese.  It does not contain high fructose corn syrup and it's gluten free.  I use Diamond Nuts Slivered Almonds for the topping, which are gluten free.

What are your favorite gluten free foods these days?


Andrea said...

I think I'm beyond obsessed with the Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Crunch Granola. :) So damn good!

SmileGirl said...

Great post! I enjoyed your comments! :) Keep up the good work! :) Hope all is going well!

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Supplements said...

These are delicious snack choices which are gluten-free.

Anonymous said...

I wish Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straws were gluten free, but unfortunately according to their website, they are NOT :(

Betsy Thompson said...

Anon! They are. I called the company and spoke to the customer service agent who assured me the procedure they take.

(Just made an edit to my post, thanks for commenting!)

Lynell Smith said...

Just ate two straws yesterday and am now experiencing my normal gluten symptoms. I don't trust the product now there must be traces in the "tossed portion" and maybe I'm extra sensitive. Disappointed for sure.