March 11, 2011

Cilie Yack Is Under Attack Giveaway Winner

A couple weeks ago I reviewed Cilie Yack is Under Attack: A story about a boy with celiac disease and offered one of my readers a chance to win a copy of the book.  Thank you to everyone who entered for sharing their stories.  I wish I could give everyone a copy of this book, but as always, I can only pick one winner.  Our winner for this giveaway is..... (drum roll, please)

jillcarl who said:
When my allergic daughter was little I saw a video by Dr.Rapp.It showed a boy before and after eating his favorite food--banana and what a difference--his behavior was horrible after eating.She said it's often your favorite food that is the cause of your allergy.Hope to win the book.   
So interesting and so true!  Before I was diagnosed with celiac I tried to settle my stomach with "light foods": toast, Saltines, and 7-Up were my failed remedies.  Little did I know, I was making things worse!  I just looked up Dr. Rapp and watched some of her videos.  Such incredible information on allergies, thank you for sharing.

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Liz said...

i did the same thing! toast all the time, thinking it would soak up all the "bad stuff" that was making my stomach hurt. i guess we had to learn the hard way!