January 3, 2011

Oh thank heaven, for 20-11

What can I say, 2010 was a rough year. I'm glad it's over. Just like everyone else in this world, I'm wiping the slate clean as I put up a new calendar. I know I can make changes any day I want, but it's so much more appealing to start fresh in a new year.

This past year I let my health and well-being fall to the wayside big time! I had a couple of setbacks at the veryveryvery end of 2009 and they didn't make it easy for a great new year. I never really rebounded. In fact I got fat, lazy, and very unmotivated.

But I've decided that my pity party is over. A couple of weeks ago I started to see a wonderful chiropractor/nutritionist/awesome lady who has helped me with all of my aches and pains as well as focus on better nutrition. After getting the results of my blood work and seeing my glucose numbers dangerously close to being "out of range", I've come to realize that I desperately need to cut back on the sugar. Just one google search of "sugar effects" and I'm convinced.

So more recipes for healthy meals will soon be appearing on these pages. I hope to be able to convert some of my beloved sweets too. Right now, my guides are Miss Amy Green at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free and Karina, The Gluten Free Goddess, and her Mediterranean Diet Recipes. There are tons of others who I will be looking to for help, but baby steps...

And speaking of all this healthy good news...

I'd like to introduce a new little section to my blog. The book club.

Basically I read books on gluten free/celiac/food allergy topics and tell you what I think. You're more than welcome to read along with me, but by no means is that necessary. But I'd definitely love to hear your opinion too if you've already read the book that shows up on my book shelf.

The gluten free book I'm currently reading is The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet by Robb Wolf. I've only gotten as far as the first chapter, but as it turns out *spoiler alert* the author has celiac disease. Full review to follow.

Happiest of happy new years to everyone! I so greatly appreciate each and every one of you who has read my blog. I'm glad to have brought you gluten free information, recipes, and events (yes, I still update the Chicago gluten free events calendar!) and hope to help you continue to live a happy and healthy gluten free life.



Jenn Sutherland said...

Bravo! Here's to a happy, healthier 2011. Wrestling with sugar is my one remaining vice, too. I'm doing better on that front, but far from perfect. I have been taking an herbal supplement gymnema sylvestre that's helped in reducing the cravings for sweets, but there's still the mental battle - nothing's telling my BRAIN that I don't need that cookie. ;)

Betsy said...

Thanks, Jenn! I might have to look into that supplement! I did cave a little yesterday and had a mini champagne cupcake (leftover from New Years) I'll get there eventually.

Happy New Year!

JMP said...

A gluten-free champagne cupcake? Do tell!

Barb said...

Betsy, you need to get Amy's new cookbook ASAP! Lots of ways to eat healthier. I stay away from refined sugar anymore because I can't eat just one. I can with Amy's recipes, though.