October 28, 2010

2010 Gluten Free Halloween Candy List

Make sure you and the kiddos are eating gluten free candy this year. Since manufacturers may change their ingredients from time to time, it's always best to read labels and do a little research.

The National Foundation of Celiac Awareness compiled an updated list of safe Halloween candy. Make sure you print yourself a copy and read it over before you dig in.

If you are avoiding other allergens, check out Sure Food Living's candy list.

A Few Tips for Gluten Avoiders

Avoid anything with malt or barley such as:
- Milky Way (Milky Way Dark Midnight and Milky Way Caramels are gluten free)
- Zero Candy Bars
- 100 Grand
- Whoppers
- Caramel Creme (Bulls-Eyes or Cowtails)

Avoid anything with cookie crisps such as:
- Kit Kat
- Butterfinger Crisps, Sticks, or Snackerz (Regular Butterfingers are gluten free)
- Twix
- Whatchamacallit
- Hershey's Cookies & Cream Bar

Avoid anything with pretzels such as:
- Take 5
- M&Ms with pretzel (new product in blue bags)
- Pretzel Flipz

Avoid the gummy candy with wheat flour such as:
- Twizzlers
- Good & Plenty
- Sour Punch Products (Sour Punch Straws, Bites, and Twists)
- Airheads Extremes (apparently the traditional Airheads are gluten free, must have changed the recipe since I started being gluten free, they used to contain wheat flour.)

Check non-candy items carefully such as:
- 100 Calorie packs (many contain gluten)
- Mini bags of chips (flavorings could contain gluten, but there are also mini Halloween pretzel bags or Goldfish Halloween bags to watch out for)

Hopefully they'll be some stickers, free bowling coupons, spider rings, and other non food fun items. Although I did see these at the store the other day...

Scary Baby Carrots...now that's a healthy Halloween Treat!