September 2, 2010

Smart Treat Discount Code

My friends at Smart Treat are thrilled that everyone is so excited with the current giveaway that they are offering a special offer through the month of September.

1 free item with a $40 order (because $40 will get free shipping)

Enter code BETSY40FREE1 in the comments section. Valid with orders until 9/30/10.

Here's how it works: The customer places $40 worth of items in the shopping cart. The customer will ALSO need to place the "free item" in the checkout cart (so that it will end up on our bake schedule). The customer will need to enter the code "BETSY40FREE1" in the comments section. When we see the discount code, we will MANUALLY deduct the price of the most expensive item (that's the one you'd want free, right??) before running the credit card.(Unfortunately, we do not have a way to automatically/immediately show the discount in the shopping cart -- it's a manual process.)

For example, if Suzy orders $42 in product, then adds a "free" $6 item, the shopping cart will show a total of $48. However, when we see BETSY40FREE1 in the comments section, the $6 will be manually deducted, and the credit card will actually be run for only $42.

Happy Shopping! :)

1 comment:

Wendy said...

WOW! Way cool!!!! Thank you so much :)