September 3, 2010

Grain Alert: "Freekeh" is wheat!

I received this in an email from the Celiac Disease Foundation and thought I'd pass along:

There is a “new” grain gaining popularity right now called Freekeh (pronounced free-ka).

It is also known as farik or frikeh. It is made of young green durum wheat that has been harvested early while the grains are still soft and full of moisture. The grains are polished, cracked, and roasted which makes them look like their cousins faro, spelt and bulgur wheat.

According to Trader Joe’s Markets “freekeh is higher in protein and fiber than most mature grains like wheat and rice”. There are claims that it contains more proteins, vitamins and minerals than other grains, and can be used as a substitute for rice or quinoa, but make no mistake -- it is wheat and not gluten-free.

So whether you see it individually packaged like rice or pasta, or as an ingredient in ready-made foods such as veggie burgers, do not consume it in any form.

Just a reminder to always read labels and “when in doubt, leave it out”.

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GFree_Miel said...

Thanks for this! I'm sure I'll encounter freekeh at some point so I'll remember this.

Wendy said...


Thanks for the head's up.

Like we need more FREEKing wheat around here.