August 22, 2010

Saké to me!

After seeing a few of my alcohol themed posts, one of the Rock Saké brand representatives contacted me to see if I've ever had saké, a rice wine popular in Japanese culture that is becoming increasingly more popular among Americans. The truth is I haven't. I knew very little about saké, mainly that it was brewed like beer, so I always assumed it was off limits for me.

After doing a little research, I found that saké is naturally gluten free. But some manufacturers (read: cheapo brands) add barley in the form of a rice malt, therefore turning it into a glutenous beverage and very unsafe for us celiac or gluten intolerants.

Good news, I've found a brand of saké that is gluten free and has a memorable name, Rock Saké. (Whenever I say that, I hear the B-52's song "Rock Lobster", only they are singing "Rock Saké.) The brand rep informed me that Rock Saké is
"an ultra-premium saké that is made of all natural ingredients and is preservative free, sulfite free and most importantly gluten free!"

After receiving a bottle of each variety, Junmai Ginjo and Cloud, I got together with friends for some sushi and taste testing.

We even compared them with some of those other brands. Everyone agreed that Rock Saké was by far better than the others. The Rock brand was deemed "universally good". We all liked the straightforwardness of the saké. It had a clean, smooth taste. The contemporary bottling was appealing, especially to a younger crowd - Rock Saké definitely demystifies saké.

When comparing it, the other brands smelled differently (like perfume and "barnyard") and tasted funky. Hands down, Rock Saké won the taste test. The blue bottle, Cloud, was everyone's favorite.

Rock Saké is sold in most liquor stores nationwide, and if you're in Chicago you can find it at some great Sushi places such as Sushi Samba, Japonais, and Sunda.


Wendy said...

I totally want to ROCK SAKE' at your party sometime!!!


Love it....thanks for the smiles!

GFree_Miel said...

This is awesome! I've never had sake, but as my twenty-first birthday just passed a couple days ago, I need to try it. Thanks for the warning about cheapo brands using barley. Knowing me, I'd buy one of them and end up sick for days. Haha!