August 2, 2010

Caramel and chocolate and yogurt...oh my! Plus it's a giveaway!

Do you know what that is over to the left? I just spent about five minutes scraping the bottom of that container to get all the sweet caramelly goodness out.

Yeah, that's right. That was caramel in that little cup. Oikos Pure Pleasures. My new favorite guilt and gluten free indulgence. And guess what? They also have Chocolate - which I'm still trying to track down! These little multi-packs are such a hot commodity, so if you see them - BUY IMMEDIATELY! I'm sure they'll show up in more stores soon - they are too good not to belong everywhere.

How did I find out about these little bites of heaven? Well, not too long ago the very nice people at Oikos contacted me to introduce these new Pure Pleasure-on-the-bottom greek yogurts. Check it:
New Chocolate and Caramel pure pleasure-on-the-bottom Oikos Organic 0% fat Greek yogurt flavors offer a healthy, yet indulgent treat all in one convenient snack-sized cup. With only 110 calories and 10 grams of protein per 4 ounce serving, it’s a healthier way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Because Oikos is organic, it’s made with organic milk from farms that don’t use toxic persistent chemicals and fertilizers, antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones. Through our purchases of organic ingredients, annually we support over 180,000 acres of organic land.

Isn't that awesome? It gets better, what’s better then guilt-free, gluten-free, organic Chocolate and Caramel Greek yogurt? Take a look at the chocolate-themed indulgence giveaway package –there’s no guilt when you’re eating and using organic items like these:

  • 1 coupon for a free Green & Black Organic Chocolate Bar
  • 1 sample of Numi Organic Chocolate tea
  • 1 Dagoba/Eco Lips Organic Chocolate chapstick
  • 1 Skinnyskinny real cocoa organic soap bar
  • 2 free coupons for Chocolate and Caramel Oikos multipacks
  • Recipe card set featuring Chocolate Cheesecake, as well Oikos spatula
One lucky winner will win the Chocolate-themed indulgence prize listed above.
Mandatory Entry Method – watch a YoTube video, comment on something you learned about organics, or organic farming, etc.

Additonal Optional Entry Methods

1. Fan Stonyfield on Twitter, fan Stonyfield on Facebook, leave a comment about a dessert you could make with Chocolate or Caramel Oikos, head to the ‘Organic and You’ page and comment on what you found most interesting.

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5. Tell me some green indulgent secrets...have a recipe for a face scrub without chemicals? Have a hair mask made of eggs? I want to know!

Leave a separate comment for each entry. Contest is open until 8pm CST on Friday, August 13th (ooohh, spooky!). Contest open to US residents only.


Kat @ My Fruity Life said...

I have just started eating Stoneyfield's Oikos yogurt... I love that they dont use any hormones or pesticides. Thats what sold me on it! Great giveaway!

Kat @ My Fruity Life said...

**I subscribed to email alerts :)**

Kat @ My Fruity Life said...

And I also just had to comment on my favorite green beauty secret...instead of any fancy, expensive eye cream, I dab jojoba oil under my eyes and on dry skin patches at night. My wrinkles have completely disappeared and I never wake up with bags anymore. LOVE jojoba oil. And its cheap at the health food store.

Emily N. said...

I learned about how children are more at risk to exposure of pesticides and chemicals in conventionally grown food in the baby steps to health video. Organic foods are a better choice, especially for children to lessen their risk of harmful chemical exposure.

JC said...

I learned that yogurt is an easy transition food and good as a First food. Dr. Sears recommended organic yogurt for babies.

JC said...

Like Gluten Free Betsy! on Facebook@tcarolinep JEssieKatie S

JC said...

Fan Stonyfield on Twitter@tcarolinep

JC said...

fan Stonyfield on Facebook@tcarolinep JessieKatie S

JC said...

email subscriber.

tcarolinep at gmail dot com

JC said...

I'm a follower

JC said...

Coffee grounds with a little bit of olive oil is a great body scrub.

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

Nice! I'm a FB and follower!!!!

Louise said...

Hi there, I'm not a gluten free chef, but have clients always asking for recipes. Looking forward to visiting here and learning more from and expert... Louise

Emily N. said...

I just started using a thin layer of raw organic Manuka honey active 16+ on my face as an overnight treatment and it has done wonders for my skin. It's helping clear up my acne and lessen my acne scars.

Emily N. said...

I found it interesting on the ‘Organic and You’ page that they have a Dig Deeper section on GMOs, Synthetic growth hormones, and Humane animal treatment. I'm glad they're going beyond the basics of organics.