June 8, 2010

Chicago Farmer's Markets in Full Swing!

Well almost all of them, but several have been underway for a few weeks now with the most delicious strawberries, asparagus, and other various produce. Booths with beautiful flowers and pots of fresh herbs are scattered throughout the marketplace, as are several speciality booths with soaps, cheeses, jams, and whatnot. Among those are lots of bakeries. Mmmmm!

Last year I didn't have much luck with finding any gluten free goodies. This year? What a turnaround! I walked away with a giant cookie from one vendor, bought some marzipan macaroons from Delightful Pastries, got my flourless chocolate walnut cookie from Misericordia's Hearts & Flour Bakery, and my new favorite find: Ivy Upper Crust!

As I walked up to beautifully displayed baked goods, I hoped there was at least a gluten free cookie, because everything looked beautiful. Low and behold, there was an entire gluten free section to the Ivy Uppercrust Pastry booth! I was ecstatic! There were graham crackers, energy bars, cookies, bread, and cupcakes! Ohhh...such gorgeous cupcakes!

Ivy Tact was the sweetest little thing too, showing and explaining each item to me as I tried to decide which to chose. She had samples of most everything she was selling and after a bite of her wonderful gluten free seeded bread, I was sold with a promise of return to try the other goodies. She told me there was more and gave me the menu with all of her gluten free offerings. Um...pie? Yeah...I'll definitely be back.

MmmMm....gluten free & dairy free seeded bread!

You can find Ivy at the Prudential Plaza Farmer's Market on Tuesdays and Daley Plaza Farmer's Market on Thursdays now through October.

Click on menu to view larger.


Katie said...

French Meadow Bakery is having a Gluten-free recipe contest And I thought you and your readers might be interested! The winner gets French Meadow Gluten-free products for year, plus a gift card!


Anonymous said...

I bought their seeded bread on Thursday and they told me it also freezes very nicely! What a great find! I won't walk by the baked goods displays so quickly now. Thanks Betsy!

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

So cool!!! And Yummy, oh so yummYY

Anonymous said...

We have been GF for 30 years and while it's great there's so much more awareness and many more products, it also poses risks: our GF daughter (world traveler and a doctor) has had severe celiac episodes after eating from "GF" products from small bakeries who also make gluten products. I am a retired baker and it's actually difficult to prevent cross-contamination. So people like Ivy mean well, but there products, as her menu says, are not made in a GF facility.
Jane Davis