April 30, 2010

Gluten Free Chicago Potluck!

This past Sunday, the Gluten Free Chicago group on Gluten Free Faces met up for a potluck at Whole Foods on Halsted in Chicago. I met up with a handful of other group members and dined on the MOST delicious gluten free food!

There were Chicago style pizza puffs; pasta salad with tomatoes and corn; chicken, avocado and mandarin salad; quinoa with chimmichurri dressing and orange radish salad; little olive and sundried tomato tapenade bites; banana bread; and from yours truly, mini cherry cheesecakes, strawberry shortcake cupcakes, and chocolate covered cherry cupcakes. As I said, everything was AMAZINGLY delicious!

If that little description got your mouth watering, Lisa, from Lisa Cooks Allergen Free, put together a cook book of everyone's recipes. You can download it here!

We also sampled some Kitchen Table Bakers crackers, Pirate's Booty in their veggie flavor (as I was looking for the link, I see they now have Sour Cream & Onion flavored booty and New York Pizza!), and KIND bars.

Can't wait for the next potluck!
P.S. As I mentioned in the cookbook, you can make the Chocolate Covered Cherry Cupcakes without frosting. I also whipped up some mini cherry chocolate cupcakes...too addicting!

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Lisa Williams said...

Loved your cupcakes, my personal favorites - the vanilla ones were sooooo delicious, the gelatin made the rest of the cake so moist!