February 7, 2010

Oh when the Saints go marching in...

...I'll most likely be shoveling Buffalo Chicken Dip into my face. As I previously mentioned, I don't know much about football, I just like Superbowl parties for the friends and food. In addition to the Reuben Dip, I whipped up some Buffalo Chicken Dip last night.

This is the famous dip that was so good, it was smeared on everything from veggies to pizza. That story really quick...I held a St. Patrick's Day party one year. The south side of Chicago is predominately of Irish decent and widely known for their Irish Parade held a week before St. Patrick's Day. I lived not to far from the parade route and would gather everyone at my place for the "after party". I made this dip and other little snacks, and my friends decided to order a pizza. After we waited forever for it to arrive, a friend of a friend and her boyfriend showed up. Now her boyfriend is a beast of a man. I want to say he is 6'9" or something. He sat down and proceeded to eat their entire pizza. Talking nonstop, dipping the slices in the Buffalo Chicken dip, and stuffing them into his mouth, we all sat there silent, staring at him in disbelief while piece after piece disappeared. After he ate all of our food, they left. We all turned to each other, eyes wide, and said, "WHAT was that?!"

Good times.

I got this recipe from another co-worker. (Can you tell we liked to eat?) The Chicago Bears were in the Superbowl ('06, although that would be awesome if this was back in '85) and we had a Superbowl party in the office the Friday before the big game. One of my office besties brought in this bowl of awesomeness and it was gone within a matter of minutes. You better believe I asked for the recipe. (And it was only a short month later when the pizza incident occurred.)

Without much further ado, here is Erin's Famous Buffalo Chicken Dip! (Not sure where she got the recipe, but to me, it will forever be known as hers)

2 Bricks of Cream Cheese
1 Cooked Breast of Chicken (finely chopped) - or a can of chicken, but I like fresh better :)
1 Cup of Shredded Cheddar Cheese
5-8oz Hot Sauce (She recommends Frank's...I use whatever I have on hand)
*Bleu Cheese optional

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Microwave for one to one and half minutes or until the cheeses are melted and dip is creamy. Stir to combine everything and serve with Fritos, celery, or if you're feeling adventurous, pizza. Enjoy! And Go Saints! (I'm rooting for the underdogs...)

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Chandice said...

mmm! That sounds delicious!!!