February 4, 2010

Are ya ready for some FOOTBALL?! Gluten Free Superbowl Snacks

So the "Big Game" is in a few days, and if you're like me and know nothing about football, Superbowl parties are about the food. Well...and the commercials. Seriously, I just saw a preview clip this morning of the Betty White Snicker's ad...hilarious!

Superbowl buffet tables are usually filled with chili, hot wings, chips, pizza, etc. I'm always sure to show up with something I can eat, and the host usually has naturally gluten free stuff set out, so I'm well fed either way. What am I bringing this year? Dip.

I love dips because you can pretty much do anything with them. Put it on a cracker, chip, veggie, bread, and in one strange case I've seen, pizza. (That's for a different post, friends, promise!)
Getting slightly off topic here, I recently bought a package of Genuine Bavarian bread at Lil's. It's similar to those little snack breads you see at the deli. Perfect for a hearty dip, like spinach. I also thought they'd be perfect for baby reubens. I love reubens and always order them if a restaurant has them on the menu. Sans bread, of course! I figured these little breads would be just the right thing for bite-sized sandwiches.

The bread comes in a large piece, so I cut it into four, poured a little Smith & Wollensky Thousand Island salad dressing on the bottom, and layered with chopped corned beef, sauerkraut, and freshly grated swiss cheese. I then baked them in the oven for about 12 minutes, and voila!

They were delicious!

Back to the dips though! While I was getting everything ready to make reubens, I noticed a recipe for Reuben Dip on the back of the Frank's Kraut can. Reubens in dip form? Heck yeah, I'm making that! With the leftover kraut, I whipped up a batch of the savory dip. I used some of the slices of bavarian bread to spread it on, but it would be amazing with any gluten free bread or cracker.

It's a toss up between this dip or another for what I'll bring to the party on Sunday. Maybe I'll bring both! What's your favorite game day snack?


Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

Looks DELISH!!! I am all about the food, no nothing about the game!

Jenn/CinnamonQuill said...

I've wanted to try those Bavarian 'bread' slices. They look so good...like some Swedish bread I used to eat!