December 8, 2009

GoMacro or Go Home!

Every now and then I will get the chance to sample products for companies that offer gluten free products. Recently I was contacted by GoMacro to try out some gluten free macrobiotic products. At first I was a little hesitant. Macrobiotic bars? The image of seaweed filled my brain. To be honest I didn't know much about macrobiotic diets, but the two little press releases in the email sparked my interest:

New GoMacro certified organic Gluten Free MacroTreat cookies are vegan and contain no gluten, dairy, eggs or animal products. MacroTreats are sweetened with organic agave nectar that is low-glycemic to help avoid blood sugar spikes associated with refined sugars, evaporated cane juice and dates. MacroTreats are baked with whole grains, pea fiber, flax sprouts, fruit, and nuts. The high fiber content and slow-burning complex carbs boost energy levels throughout the day.

Go Macro MacroBars come in beautiful eco friendly gift boxes. The enclosed gift card contains wild flower seeds – add dirt to the box, plant the card and watch the wildflowers grow. After enjoying the flowers indoors, you can plant the box directly in the ground. Three types of bars are available in gift boxes -- peanut protein, cashew butter, and granola coconut. Each box contains 15 bars and is priced at $48.95.
First, the ingredients were obviously right on. I like healthy, natural snacks. I'm constantly on the go, so healthy bars to throw in my purse are awesome. Second, how cool are those eco friendly gift boxes? I had to check them out.I loved their website. From the way the company was formed, to the company's mission, to recommendations for other green company products (those Sarah Cihat plates?!), they won me over and I agreed to give them a whirl.

I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious these bars were! I tried out the Granola with Coconut which was incredible. The bar was soft, full of flavor, and filled me up. I ate it during that 3pm lull and it gave me enough energy to get through the day without hitting up the office chocolate stash or coffee machine. Today I ate the Cashew Butter bar. Like the granola with coconut, it was equally delicious and filling. I loved that it didn't have an aftertaste and actually satisfied me! I still have a Cashew Mesquite bar to try out, but I have no doubt it won't be as amazing as the others.

I received a couple MacroTreats also, which were the cookies. They weren't bad. I think I would prefer a regular cookie more, but for a "treat" they hit the spot. I tried out the Granola and Chocolate flavor and think I set myself up for a more intense Chocolate flavor instead of the organic cacao. Not bad though. The Cashews with Vanilla cookie was pretty tasty, but again I thought it would have more of a rich vanilla flavor.

I loved the bars. I'm definitely going to purchase more soon! If there is a store that carries them near you, I advise you to check them out. If not, shop online and don't forget to use the coupon code to save! I would love to get some of these in my stocking (hint-hint, Santa, if you're reading this!)


Carly said...

Santa can barely remember to check his email, so I think you might need to try a more direct approach.

Michelle said...

LOVE the new look of your blog! Can't wait to catch up on all your posts!

LiLu said...

Ha! I hope Santa gets your hint ;-)