November 23, 2009

Rise and Shine - Nature's Path Cereal

I don't know about you, but lately it's really hard to get up in the morning. It gets lighter later and darker earlier. Oh, the joys of fall and winter. Nature's Path Sunrise cereal proves that the sun does rise somewhere, even if it's only in your bowl of cereal. They recently introduced two new flavors to their line of gluten free cereals, Crunchy Maple Sunrise and Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise.

The very generous folks at Nature's Path sent me a couple boxes to sample. And I miiiiight have mentioned that Gorilla Munch was my favorite, so I was also surprised with a box of G-Munch and Leapin' Lemurs - which every time I see that box I think of little orphan Annie and can hear, "Leapin' Lizards!" in my head.

I loved the Crunchy Maple Sunrise cereal. It was just that, crunchy and mapley. I really liked the blend of grains - corn, rice, flax, quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth. The sweet maple complimented their flavors making this quite a tasty morning treat. I even added it to my mid morning yogurt snack, which was a nice fill-in for my usual granola or cinnamon and almonds.

The Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise on the other hand was right up there with its maple counterpart. Again, it was corn, rice, flax, quinoa, buckwheat, and amaranth, but instead of a distinct vanilla flavor, it just tasted sweet. It was still very good, but I enjoyed the maple a little more.

I love Nature's Path cereals. As I said, I've been a big fan of the Gorilla Munch since back in the day. I love the Panda Puffs too. Besides making delicious food, they also "do good", trying to make the world a better place. I'm all for that. I will definitely be purchasing more Crunchy Maple Sunrise soon - after I eat up all the boxes of cereal I have on hand!


Jenn/CinnamonQuill said...

Oh, wow! I didn't realize they had new cereals that were GF. I am definitely going to be on the lookout for the Sunrise cereals; they both sound so good. And, I love Gorilla Munch but have yet to try the Leapin Lemurs. Wonderful!

Chandice said...

Nature's Path is an amazing company. I just love how kind and generous they are! Hope you enjoyed the cereals. They were gobbled right up here too! :)