November 16, 2009

Oh November, you busy month, you!

As if I didn't have enough fun last month spreading the Celiac awareness, I've come to learn that November keeps the momentum going by being Gluten Free Diet Awareness Month. This is great because there are more reasons to follow a gluten free diet other than having celiac disease. Some people have a gluten allergy, but do not have celiac. A gluten free diet can help autistic children. Articles that I have read show that it can also help people with MS, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and much more. I'm no doctor, but if you feel better on a gluten free diet, then why not stick with it?

It's also National Pomegranate Month. Ironically I just ate a little pomegranate when I found that out. One of my friends and I are doing a "Fruits & Veggie Challenge" where we assign each other a list of fruits and vegetables to eat during the week. Helps get our 5-a-day in. I was given pomegranate as one of my fruits. Now, I had never eaten one as a whole fruit. I usually consumed my pomegranates in the form of a pomegranate flavored vodka or some POM juice. They're delicious!

Another good mention on that November list was Peanut Butter Lovers' Month. A whole month dedicated to us PB lovers?! Then it would seem fitting that I swung by the Chopping Block last week and picked up some PB Loco peanut butter. The "adult peanut butter" definitely lives up to its namesake. I was a little upset that they didn't have Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor (yes, it was gluten free! All of their flavors are!!), so I settled for the Sumatra Cinnamon and Raisin. Good choice! My first taste with on a celery stick and, oh wow! This stuff is good. The guy at the store said that they just placed an order for more flavors (they only had the cinnamon raisin and the White Chocolate Raspberry) so I will be back there soon!


Chandice said...

Yum, I love peanut butter!!! It is the best snack with a crunchy celery stick!

Marsha @ Green Mountain at Fox Run said...

My mom used to buy pomegranates during the holidays for us kids to pick apart. We loved doing it, and loved the taste. Who knew it was so good for us? Love your fruit and veggie challenge. What a great way to help each other eat more!

Nutrition to Kitchen said...

Love experimenting with different flavors of PB. I was disappointed when at the grocery store they ran out of this dark chocolate peanut butter that I wanted to try!

Lele said...

Whoa chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter?! I definitely would've wanted that one too! Bummer they were sold out!