November 20, 2009

Gluten Free Social Networking

Everyone is familiar with Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, but did you know that there are some social networking sites out there that are completely gluten free? Yep. It's true!

One of the first sites created is We Are Celiac, part of the corporation. The site is a community of people who have celiac disease. Similar to other networking sites, members can join for free and take part in discussions, upload photos, write journal entries, create a poll, start a chat, and read relevant articles.

Other great popular gluten free site is Gluten Free Faces. Started by Chad Hines, this a global gluten free hot spot. It's free to join and the activity is endless. Members can post photos, videos, blogs, recipes, events, join groups, participate in forums, and find websites and other resources. They also have fun contests from time to time. I entered a recipe contest over the summer and won the iPhone app, "Is That Gluten Free?" Sweet deal, huh?

One of the new kids on the block is Gling. A gluten free living site with all the bells and whistles. Like all the others, it's free to join. Members can add recipes, locations, foods, blogs, photos, articles, and tweets. They can join tribes and forums too. Gling also has fun contests and giveaways for their members. When the site first launched they were giving away restaurant gift certificates, grocery store gift certificates, and an iPod nano for members who posted the most locations, recipes, and referrals. I was lucky enough to win the referral contest and won the iPod nano!

Since it's nearing Thanksgiving, I was delighted to see that Gling has an entire page dedicated to a gluten free Thanksgiving! From appetizers to desserts to drinks (they even have recipes for gluten free pumpkin coffee creamer!!) Whether this is your first gluten free Thanksgiving or your 20th, they have you covered so you don't miss a beat.

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