October 19, 2009

Alexandra's in da house!

I'd like to introduce Alexandra to the site!

As my "celiac sista", she's one of my besties who shares the same gluten free point of view with me. We originally decided to start a resource site, Celiac And The City, but for some reason or other started our own blogs instead. That was a silly idea considering that she's along for about 99.9% of my gluten free adventures.

We've finally decided to combine forces and blog on the same site since great gluten free minds think alike. I'm thrilled that she agreed to be an author of Gluten Free Betsy. I can't wait for her posts, as she has such fabulous insight on everything gluten free!


alexandra said...

Thanks Betsy! I was just reading your blog, I refreshed and voila!

Chandice said...

How exciting for you guys! I love the Celiac in the City logo!!! Please don't forget your gluten free frenzy friend in your blog or link list! :)

Betsy said...

Holla! Yep, I didn't forget Chandice! I was revamping the site and forgot to back up my widget...d'oh! I'm adding everything back slowly but surely!

Nutrition to Kitchen said...

The new look of your blog is great! Welcome Alexandra!