September 30, 2009

Win This! Gluten Free Fruit Snacks!

Ahhh yes, fruit snacks. Who doesn't love those tasty little treats? When I was younger, I remember grocery shopping with my mom and being in the fruit snacks aisle and begging her to buy a package of fruit roll-ups. She firmly refused and told me, "if you want fruit, eat a real piece of fruit." Defeated, I clearly remember thinking, "when I grow up I'm going to buy all the fruit roll-ups I want!" This went along with other goodies she refused to buy: Twinkies, Hostess Cupcakes, prepackaged Rice Krispie Treats, etc. I would daydream of being locked in the grocery store overnight and eating all the snacks I was not allowed. (I think I had just seen the movie, Mannequin, hence the overnight thing.)

My mom, who made everything from scratch back then, finally gave in and we would order the fruit snacks and fruit roll-ups from Market Day. Between those, the granola bars, and string cheese, my siblings and I would gobble them up so fast they were gone within a day or two.

When I was a teenager, Gushers were just invented and boy were they good! To this day, my favorite Gushers story that my best friend, Amy, and I always joke about is when we were probably about 15 years old and at an outdoor music festival. We brought along Gushers, Chex Mix, and whatever else to snack on during the day. Crammed on a small space on the lawn by the main stage, we watched a band and then gathered up our stuff to head to another stage. When my BFF stood up, this Motley Crue groupie wannabe lady behind us shouted, "YA GOT SUMTHIN ON YOUR BUTT, HUN!" Amy had sat on a Gusher. Grateful that the woman in stonewashed jeans and about a bottle's worth of Aquanet in her hair pointed out the Gusher on Aim's butt (literally), her delivery of the message was classic. So nonchalant and as if she saw Gushers on butts on a daily basis. Hilarious. Guess you had to be there...

When I think back to how I wanted to be locked in a grocery store overnight I think how silly it was, but that was one of the joys of being a kid. Being silly, having fun, and not having a care in the world. I also look back and think, "Awww man, if I ever were locked in a grocery store overnight I couldn't eat the Twinkies, Hostess Cupcakes, and all those glutenous snacks." BUT I can still eat the fruit roll-ups!

Yep. Betty Crocker's got my back. The General Mills people state:
Betty Crocker Fruit-Flavored Snacks are a snack choice you can feel good
about - they are made with real fruit and each serving is less than 100
calories! Now every kid can enjoy the simple joy of a fun, great tasting
free snack.

The kind folks over at MyBlogSpark sent me a fun, little "Simple Joys" prize pack that includes 2 packages of Betty Crocker Fruit-Flavored Snacks, a retro Pick `em Up Sticks game, a light-up yo-yo and a classic Frisbee so I could once again enjoy the simple joys in life. Fun times! I'm already discovering I'm better at the yo-yo than I was as a kid. (It's all in the wrist.)

Here's where it gets better:

MyBlogSpark wants to send one of my readers a "Simple Joys" prize pack too! Sweet deal, eh?
You can enter the contest* three ways:
  1. Become a follower of my blog and leave a comment saying you are now a proud reader of Gluten Free Betsy.

  2. Post a comment of a funny or memorable story from your childhood, tween, or teen years. (Does not have to be Gushers related.)

  3. Post a comment of your favorite childhood snack and/or toy.
Trust me, you want to win this. Having freshly made fruit roll-ups sent to you straight from General Mills is unbelievable. All of the fruit snacks were so fresh, they practically melted on my tongue. The Gusher juice just oozed sweetness! You'll also realize just how fun simple toys like a yo-yo and pick-up sticks really are. Good luck!

*You may enter once for each option (follower, story, and favorite snack/toy). Contest closes on Wednesday, October 7th at midnight (CST). Winner will be selected by based on the number of comments submitted. Thanks for entering!


Chandice said...

I follow your blog loud and proud! :)

Chandice said...

My favorite childhood snack was pop rocks :) Every kid loves those right?

Chandice said...

When my sister and I were little we would ride bikes to the grocery store to buy popcorn flavored whistle suckers (yeah, what the heck ever happened to those!?) the funny thing is we would ride around the highschool parking lot where they did the driving tests on our bikes pretending we were driving. We made sure to stay in the lines and everything. We felt so cool! :)

Chub to Chic in Chicago said...

wow, fruit snacks take me waaaaaaay back.

fruit by the foot, fruit roll up, gushers, jesus!

StephieKnits said...

I have just clicked into your blog today. I am excited to read and follow your blog. I was wondering about fruit snacks.

A-Dub said...

I thought I was already following, but I guess not, so now I am :) My fave childhood snack was Starburst...and 3 Musketeers. I used to pick off all the chocolate and make a ball of nougat and eat that last. Once I made a sandwich out of two pieces of American cheese with peanut butter in the middle - because Mr. Rogers did something like that on his show - only it was disgusting and I couldn't even eat it. Good thing because it probably would have gone right to my butt, not unlike that Gusher!

Danielle said...

I am proud to read your blog!

Danielle said...

Of course I read your blog!