August 29, 2009

Snicky-Snacky Saturday - Gluten Free Product Reviews!

Last week I did the mother of all gluten free shopping and walked away with tons of gluten free goodies. During the week I tried out a bunch of the things I bought and found some real winners!

First off, I think it's safe to say I officially L-O-V-E Bhuja snack mix. Their slogan, "the magic's in the mix," is right on, because this snack is downright magical. I purchased a bag of the original mix figuring I'd start from the beginning before jumping into the crazy flavors like cracker, fruit, or nut. This spicy little mix contained an assortment of tasty treats: crispy multigrain noodles, crunchy garden peas, peanuts, and little strips of rice crackers. I had a few handfuls with a random raisin in there, so perhaps I got a little sampling of the fruit mix too? Who knows, who cares, because this stuff is delicious! I miss those mixture snacks like Chex Mix and Gardetto's. I would have loved to tried some of the things that came after I was diagnosed with celiac, like the Frito-Lay Munchies. Throw a pretzel or rye crisp in there and I'm done for. Bhuja mix is the comeback kid to those other snack mixes...and I'm sure tastier too! I can't wait to try the other varieties!

MmMmMm...Bhuja mix!

I have been a yogi for about eight years now, so when coming across Wai Lana's Yogi Chips, I felt I should have rolled out my Wai Lana yoga mat and done a downward dog in joy at this discovery! I think she's great and I love when I can catch her yoga segment on PBS. Something about the Hawaiian background brings a whole new definition to namaste. Anyways, these chips were pretty good! I bought the BBQ flavor, which had a smoky-mesquite taste that went along perfect with the light, crispy chip. They are actually really healthy too, well as healthy as a "chip" can be. After I weighed out the 1 oz. portion size, I was shocked at how many chips I got! If you don't believe me, see for yourself!

I'm sure I will purchase the other varieties in the not too distant future. I'm interested in the french onion and lime chili!

Looks like some of them are doing dhanurasana!

Another healthy snack I purchased a couple weekends ago at the Gluten Free Cooking Expo Vendor Fair were Garden Fields crackers. I say healthy because NINE crackers have 56 calories and a lick of fat. They are pretty big and round too! While not thick like a typical cracker, they are crispy and satisfy that "I-need-something-crunchy" craving. I bought both the original and pizza flavors. While Babs loved the original flavor more than the pizza, I tend to enjoy snacks that have a little kick, so the pizza flavor was my favorite. Spread a little cream cheese on top and you have yourself the ultimate cheese and cracker!

They look like little waffles - how cute!

I'm not sure if how "snacky" a CLIF Kid Twisted Fruit bar is, but I guess it's a sweet snack. I ate one in the car during our gluten free power shopping session, so it's a snack in my book. While a lot of fruit snacks easily found in grocery stores are already gluten free, what I liked about the CLIF Kid Twisted Fruit bar was that it was organic...oh, and DELICIOUS! No artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives, and only 9 grams of sugar? Not bad! While the lady who sold it to me thought they were a little too sweet for her, she also said, "but kids like sweet stuff." Yep, they sure do! And so do I.
Oh..sorry no "close up" pic..cuz..uh...I eatz it!

I give all these snacks the GFB (Gluten Free Betsy!) Seal of Approval. While I know I should be snacking on fruits and vegetables, it's nice to have a tasty gluten free alternative once in a while.


karen said...

This post couldn't have come at a more perfect time! I was just griping this morning about how I would need to get off my butt and figure out what I was going to order for my little guy to take to preschool with him for snack time. Now I have all new ideas AND a new-to-me store, too :)

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Hey, Betsy--I don't eat many gf specialty products, but that snack mix looks really good and I'm sure all your readers will appreciate your reviews and the GFB seal of approval! :-)


Melanie said...

Hi Betsy,

Thanks for commenting on my blog - hope you win the granola! :)

And it's great to find your blog, too. I love all of these resources! I will link you to my blog as well!

Nice to "meet" you. :)

2Bmeagain said...

I have given you a blog award. Congratulations!

Check it out at

Anonymous said...

Hey said "I miss those mixture snacks like Chex Mix and Gardetto's."

Girl dontcha no the best thing to ghappen to Celiacs this decade (besides better disclosure of ingredients) is that Several Chex cereals ARE Gluten free and Chex mix can easily be made with GF Pretzels and some subs. :-)

Love & Light,


Anonymous said...

Ooooh sorry for the typos!