August 4, 2009

Rose's Wheat Free Bakery Review

I would like to preface this entry by saying that I very rarely, if ever, write poor reviews. I usually bite my tongue when it comes to bad service or undesirable food. I still leave a tip after receiving terrible service. I smile and say "everything's great!" when I wouldn't even feed the food to my dog (if I had a dog.)

But this time is different. I'm only writing this because I don't want anyone to make the same mistake I did by paying a lot of money for unedible food. Gluten free food is expensive. I was so mad at myself when I left Rose's, because not only was I grossed out, but I was also out $40.

Hence, why I had to write a bad review. I posted it on and was not surprised to see other bad reviews. What I was surprised on was the fact that people still rated 3 or 4 stars, then wrote how bad the food was. Be a man and give them one star, it's ok!

Here's my experience at Rose's Wheat Free Bakery:

I hadn't been to Rose's in almost a year, so my celiac friend and I decided
to make the hike out there. I remember their pizza being delicious, as
well as their buns and pastries.

Um...apparently a lot has happened in a year. After my last trip, I
doubt I would ever go back.

We went for lunch last Saturday. When we got there, the place was
empty except for one customer. You'd think I'd have my order taken fairly
quickly, but I stood at the register while the rest of the staff talked amongst
themselves. I let it slide. I was talking to Rose when my friend
ordered so maybe they thought I wasn't getting anything...although I was
standing at the register looking around with my credit card in my hand.

We both ordered the tallgrass beef burger. I opted for the $2 fresh
chips with my order. When we got our food, we were severely disappointed.
The "tallgrass" burger tasted like it came from a frozen pack of beef
patties. It was overcooked and not very savory for being advertised as
some great organic burger. The "fresh chips" were a complete waste.
I would have rather bought a bag of Lay's than had eaten the burnt chips I
was served. The french bun was a little on the dry side and really nothing
special. Not how I remember them being before.

We should have left after that, but we decided we had to have dessert.
We each ordered a piece of cheesecake and some items to go and headed
outside to eat our dessert. I had a chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake
that was mediocre at best. I didn't taste any chocolate chip cookie dough.
My friend had the chocolate cheesecake and after a few bites discovered
egg shells in her cake. We stopped eating and brought our food inside to
show them. Their response? " you want another piece?"
Yes, please give me more eggshell-filled cake! No apology, no
refund, not even someone scurrying over to the case to remove the others that
might possibly be contaminated.

Yikes! We headed out upset that we wasted so much money on not very
good food. I bought a lemon square, a raspberry crumb cake, a pack of
pitas, and granola to bring home with me. The lemon square was ok.
I've had better, theirs was a little too runny and mushy. A little
on the tart side too, it would had been nice if it were sprinkled in powdered
sugar. The raspberry crumb cake was delicious, I'll give them that.
It's the only reason why I'm giving two stars instead of one.

The pitas? Well...if I thought the egg shell incident was a fluke, I
was wrong. I made little pizzas with the pitas. I cut them in little
triangle pieces, which I'm SO thankful for, because when I cut into the bread, I
noticed short black hairs baked into the bread!!! I'm a blonde. I
made my meal myself. There was no way they were mine. I threw out my
dinner, as well as the rest of the $10 pack. I haven't tried the granola,
but I'll probably just throw it out. Their cooks and bakers should be
wearing hair nets, that's just gross.

If you're looking for a good gluten free bakery, head to Deerfield's or get
a cupcake from Swirlz. If you're looking for gluten free food, go to Da
. Don't waste your time here. Sorry Rose, but you've lost
your touch.

Yes. We're talking egg shells in the cake. Hair in the bread. In the words of Alexandra, "that's just tacky." It's not a sandwich you picked up at a gas station. It's a bakery. I expect more.

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