August 16, 2009

Lifestyles of the Rich and....Gluten Free?

Yep, it's true. Living a gluten free lifestyle is more costly than a non-gluten free one. The NY Times ran an article about it this weekend, and it's pretty interesting.

I know I sometimes complain to friends that my loaf of bread costs $6.00 and is harder to track down compared to a $1.99 loaf they can pick up at a gas station if need be. That $7.00 bag of pretzels or $5.00 pack of cookies is a luxury for me, whereas they mindlessly toss giant 99 cent bags of pretzels in their shopping carts and can purchase cookies out of vending machines.

While a gluten free diet is more pricey, you don't have to be moneybags to be on one. All fruits and vegetables are gluten free (in their pure form, watch those bags of frozen seasoned veggies) and very affordable. Rice, corn shells, dairy, beans, eggs and meats are also gluten free. Nuts and popcorn...really, the list is endless. Just get creative with your options!

I know that since switching to a gluten free diet I've not only eliminated wheat and gluten, but I've also incorporated more of those healthy, natural foods into my diet. I've really only been eating gluten free speciality foods in the past couple of years since the market exploded with GOOD tasting gluten free food. For the years prior, I just avoided all things glutenous. Since breads and snacks are more expensive and not always readily available for me, my lunches are salads filled with veggies. Snacks are fruits and yogurt. Sometimes days will go by before I have a gluten free cracker, cookie or even gluten free pasta and bread.

Yes I still indulge in the occasional gluten free goodie here and there - wait until you hear about my weekend! Unfortunately it's a little more pricey and takes more work now that I am shopping at speciality shops, but that's ok....I'm still gluten free and fabulous!


Marlow said...

I love your header!!

Ms. Lauren said...

I just wanted to mention that if you ever feel frustrated with your gluten free status, think of my aunt who has an allergy to anything with corn in it.

You have no IDEA how many things have corn in them until you start looking. Like how corn syrup is in EVERYTHING? Or corn starch?

It makes gluten free look like a breeze, because at least a lot of foods are marked with allergy warnings for gluten.

But I often think of you when I'm at the store looking for food that can be shared with our aunt, having to diligently read labels and all the extra added cost and effort to your grocery shopping.

You do very well!

Pam said...

Just wanted to let you know that you have a Cute Blog!