August 25, 2009

Jules Gluten Free Flour Sample Special Runs Again!

One of my favorite gluten free flours is on sale! For five bux you can get a sample pack of Jules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour, a recipe for blueberry banana muffins, and best of all - FREE SHIPPING!

This is a STEAL! If you don't believe me, remember how much I loved the last sample sale?

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MaryClare said...

I have been gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, chocoloate and coffee-free for almost a year. Feel great, lost 25# and don't miss any of the above. However, one thing I've noticed w/most gluten-free recipes is that they have quite a bit of sugar in the recipes. If I have to use sugar, I'll substitute palm (coconut) sugar or agave in some cases. They have a low glycemic index, but are not as sweet. Once your tastebuds get used to less sugar, it's fine, but sugar adds weight and contributes to many illnesses as disease can only thrive in an acidic environment which sugar provides. So I'd like to see less sugar used in recipes or conversions made available for those of us who are hypo-glycemic, diabetic, etc. Thanks! Mary