August 4, 2009

August Gluten Free Events! Mark your calendars!

What a month to be gluten free! If you’re in the Chicagoland area, August brings a slew of great gluten free events for everyone. Pull out your calendars and start penciling in.

August 8 – 9
Veggie Fest in Naperville, IL

Obviously veggies are gluten free, so this is a no-brainer. In addition to all the food vendors, there will also be expert speakers, events for kids, and cooking demos. A Gluten Free Vegetarian cooking demo is scheduled for Saturday, August 8th at 4:15pm and is described as:

Gluten-free Vegetarian
So many of us have intolerance to foods with gluten but we are afraid to eliminate it from our diet. If you a vegetarian, this may complicate the issue further. Please join our vegetarian cooks, who themselves have eliminated gluten from their diet, to learn the ins and outs of gluten-free cooking. You will sample their tasty creations while learning new recipes to
please your palate.

The event is FREE, runs this Saturday from 11am – 8pm and Sunday from 11am – 7pm. Check out their website for more info!

August 15 - 16
Gluten Free Cooking Expo in Lisle, IL

Now is one is VERY cool. A two-day cooking expo completely gluten free? What a fun event this will be, especially if you enjoy cooking and have been challenged with creating gluten free meals. The expo will be teaching how to prepare gluten free/dairy free recipes over the course of two days at the Wyndham Hotel.

Sessions with experts will include interesting topics such as Entertaining at Home While on a Gluten Free Diet and Money Matters: The Gluten Free Diet on a Budget, while also covering informational sessions on celiac like Why We Can't Process Wheat and Understanding Non Celiac Gluten Intolerance.

A gluten free/dairy free lunch is served both days and there are even sessions for the kids. They can learn how to order for themselves when going out to a restaurant and how to eat at a friend's house when they are without their parents.

A Vendor Fair with over 30 vendors is included in the Expo and is also open to the public for $15. Much more information can be found here!

August 22
12 - 6pm
The Great Gluten Free Bread Roundup
Free From Market in LaGrange, IL
For me, gluten free bread is a treat. It's pricey, so I don't always have a loaf of bread hanging out in my freezer. Also, not all gluten free bread is the same. Some work better for sandwiches than others.
To help you find your favorite, Free From Market will be sampling sandwich breads from over 20 dedicated gluten free and allergen friendly bakeries in the Midwest. You'll be able to taste and vote for your favorite. The bread voted the best will always be available at Free From Market.

I received this information from being on their email list and do not see it on their website yet, but I'm sure it will be updated soon. For directions and more about their store, go here!

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