July 27, 2009

Please, sir, may I have S'MORE?

I just realized my last few posts were raving about the phenomenal food I made from Jules Gluten Free Flour, and this next post is about to be the same. Honestly, I am in no way affiliated with the woman, I just LOVE her products! They make gluten free baking a snap...literally, I'm like Mary Poppins over here! Anyways...third time's a charm, so this third and final (for now) installment of my love affair with Jules Gluten Free Flour is sure to impress.

I'm on the Jules Gluten Free weekly recipe mailing list, and about a week and a half ago, they ran a special for the graham cracker flour. For $5 you got a sample bag of s'mores graham cracker flour, the s'mores recipe, and free shipping! The email guaranteed the sample bag made 18 s'mores, which I thought was a STEAL! Seriously, a box of gluten free cookies in the store costs more, if not the same. I have yet to find a good gluten free graham cracker for s'mores so I could not pass this offer up.

A few days later I received my little bag of flour and recipe. I was all excited for Friday night to make pizza and s'mores. All I needed was TGIF with Full House and Family Matters and it would be like I was 10 again. Sadly all I could whip up Friday night was the pizza, but Saturday morning I was up and at 'em, rollin' out that dough for graham crackers. (Special thanks to Babs for preparing the dough the day before...the recipe calls for it to "chill" for 2 hours, or in our case, about 20.) I wish I had taken pictures of my crackers prior to consumption - I'm still learning how to document my cooking adventures...as well as how to properly use the camera I've owned for 4 years. They were the cutest little graham crackers, complete with the holes courtesy of a fork.

The batch made about two dozen crackers, some in some random shapes and sizes, but not bad for a first go-round! I met up with Alexandra shortly after and brought along marshmallows and chocolate. We substituted a microwave for a campfire, and the results were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


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