April 14, 2009

Soup's On!

Lunch at the office just got a whole lot easier…and tastier! Although we’re technically in the spring season, soup is always a very convenient lunch option. Trying to find gluten free soups though can be challenging. In steps Pacific Natural Foods. With a bakers dozen of ready to eat gluten free soups, how can you go wrong? Granted, I’ve only tried two of the varieties, but already I’m hooked. I’m a big fan of squash and love making butternut squash soup, but trying to peel that thing is ridiculous! PNF’s butternut squash soup was just as delicious as mine AND came with a screw top lid…hello easy! The smaller boxes have little snap-top lids. No need to bust out the can opener, mess with a pop-top lid, or worry about spilling! I tried the Creamy Tomato soup not long after to satisfy a grilled cheese and tomato soup craving, which was weird because I never liked tomato soup in the past. I definitely love it now! With the little snap lid, I didn’t have to try and figure out how I was going to store it for the next day. Perfection. I can’t wait to check out all the other flavors. In addition to their many creamy soups, they also have Hearty Artisan Soups in a few gluten free flavors. (All creamy soups are gluten free, not all hearty artisan soups are, be sure to read the special diets section for the list.) Organic Spicy Chicken Fajita, Organic Split Pea with Ham and Swiss Cheese, and Organic Savory White Bean with Smoked Bacon just to name a few. A few soups come in low sodium...woo hoo!

I should also mention, that not only is Pacific Natural Food’s soup awesome, but so is their company as a whole. They really are committed to using all natural and organic ingredients and sustainable agriculture. They even developed a program called “Certified to the Source” because they are so passionate about delivering organic products. Their website highlights their involvement in their local Oregon community, participation as food bank donors, and work with wetland projects. They’ve posted eco tips, gardening tips, and recipes too!

They also have a bunch of other gluten free products like soy beverages and iced teas. Check out their website for more. Yum!

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