April 11, 2009

Someone at General Mills Loves Me...

As most gluten free folks out there know, Rice Chex has been gluten free for about a year or so now. This was fabulous news, as breakfast options became easier (and tastier!) and I was reunited with one of my favorite childhood treats - Puppy Chow. (Luckily the gluten is my only allergy...peanut me up, baby!) Anywho...prior to this blog idea coming into existence, emails circulated that General Mills was upping the gluten free ante and unleashing the gluten free goodness on not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR more Chex cereals!!! Check it: Corn, Cinnamon, Strawberry, and Honey Nut Chex are joining the leagues with Rice. This is going to be one big yummy breakfast party! Thanks to the Sure Foods Living site for sharing this wonderful news! Read the article here!

I also took a little stroll over to the Chex website and was delighted to see that they have devoted an entire section as gluten free on their site. With some celiac facts and a slew of gluten free recipes for their products, someone over there deserves a pat on the back for recognizing and accomodating the gluten free community. For those who have to jump through hoops to get gluten free products, having good ol' General Mills stacking our local grocery store shelves is a sigh of relief!

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