April 18, 2009

News from The Balanced Kitchen....

I received an email a few days ago from The Balanced Kitchen. I heard that they closed their store-front restaurant last month, but the good news is that they will reopen...just in a different location. I've had the pleasure of enjoying one of their WONDERFUL organic, gluten free, vegan brunches in the past so I am happy they will rejoin the gluten-free restaurant ranks soon. While we all sit patiently waiting for their grand reopening, I'll share what the Balanced Kitchen had to say:

The Balanced Kitchen is Moving
During the transition we're closing our current restaurant location

After nearly a year and a half in our current location, the owners of the GFREEV LLC the parent company of The Balanced Kitchen, have decided to relocate the restaurant.

The original idea was to open a second location closer to downtown; however, the current economic downturn has forced the closing of the McCormick Street location in order to open in the new location. The existing restaurant will be closed as of March 25th.

The new location will allow us to further our goals of sustainability as well as expand our operations to include wholesale and retail products. The location will be centrally located to increase traffic and provide better access to public transportation.

We will be announcing the details of the new location shortly after all contracts and agreements have been completed.

During the relocation process, although the restaurant will be closed, we will be expanding our


The Balanced Kitchen Green Catering & Events provides sustainable eating featuring local organic seasonal vegetable based fare for Sustainable Taste

The Balanced Kitchen Green Catering & Events can provide food for 1 to 1000 people, either drop off or full service. From appetizers to desserts and everything in between, let The Balanced Kitchen show you how good sustainable eating can taste.

Contact Josh - 312-296-8910 for details & pricing.


Betty & Eileen Alper and all the staff

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