April 6, 2009

go GO!

Hello! My name is Betsy and I am a gluten free girl. I was diagnosed with Celiac in January 2000 and have been living the gluten free dream ever since. For the past nine years, I really haven’t made a big production of the issue. I followed my gluten free diet and went on with life. My friends and family knew of my condition, but basically I just avoided all things glutinous. At the time I began my gluten free lifestyle there weren’t very many options for Celiacs. There were a few “real people food” items available, but not like today. I remember my first rice bread: dry, crumbly, and tasting like cardboard. With food like that, why bother? Making my own baked goodies was a nightmare. Buying rice flour, tapioca flour, xantham gum and making a “baking mix” was so inconvenient – plus still tasted nasty. Today is a whole different story. Celiac disease and the benefits of following a gluten free diet (for those that do not have celiac disease) are common. Amazing (and delicious!) products have appeared on store shelves. Books, cookbooks, and gluten free menus at restaurants are all over the place. The gluten free people of the world rejoice!

The idea of starting a gluten free blog/website came awhile ago actually. I met my Celiac sista through a mutual friend and the gluten free gossip spread. Every time we saw each other, we’d get carried away with sharing the latest gluten free finds – new products, restaurants offering gluten free fare, articles we’d read, and more. Then the light bulb went off. Hey! Why not share all this info with everyone?! Hence, our gluten free blog baby was born (so to speak). We started the club, Celiac and the City, in June 2008. While it’s been a little slow starting, we’re reigniting our efforts and hope to bring celiac awareness and all things gluten free alive, keeping anyone reading informed and entertained!

If you're curious as to how I was diagnosed, you can read about that here!